Iowa Elite - Spring/Summer 2018 Tryouts  Basketball

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I feel like the hard work and dedication to the fundamentals is starting to show with a lot of our squads.  Over the past weekend, we have had 5 teams playing and we won 3 championships.   I like those odds!  I'm not focused on winning, as we as adults realize, sometimes the difference is a stroke of luck, or a bad call that determines the final score.   All we can do is show up, and work hard.  Sometimes we will get the results we want, and sometimes we won't.  It is fun for the kids to start to see their practice pay off, and I appreciate you staying positive regardless of the final score.  
It's hard to believe, but the coaches and I are already planning and gearing up for the spring/summer season! We are excited to work more with our speed and agility expert, as well as our nutritionist.   The summer is the prime time to get in a lot of time on the court.  I see the biggest improvements with players that continue to play through the summer.  We often have slightly smaller numbers which means more playing time, and individual attention in practice and better bonding between the kids.  It's truly a laid back and fun time of year to play and travel a little.  I will be sending out the summer schedule soon. 
My boys have all played baseball competitively over the summers, and I know that we will be working around baseball schedules for dual sport athletes. We are supportive of our players, and are fine with baseball taking priority.  We just want anyone who wants to get better to have the opportunity to do so over the spring summer.
We are excited about what we have going on at Elite, and can't wait to continue to roll out new ways to improve. We will be forming teams girl and boys in 2 locations Waukee and Des Moines. When we have sign ups please indicate location preference. 

 Coach Mason 

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